Bachelor Excursion

On March 2, the Bachelor Excursion will take place. During this excursion for Bachelor students we will visit two government agencies, which will be the Ministry of Finance and the Tax Authority. The purpose of this excursion is to give you an insight in the activities of the government. In particular, the added value of Economists.

When: March 2th 2018
Time:  09:30 - 17.00
For who: Dutch-speaking bachelor students
Location: Morning: Ministry of Finance, The Hague
Afternoon: the Tax Authority

Program of the day:
You will get acquainted with the subjects the ministry deals with, the types of work and especially the possibilities for an internship or traineeship. They will show you what the Ministry of Finance typifies, give a short and interesting tour and they will invite relevant speakers who will definitely surprise you with their elevator pitch.

From the tax authorities they will explain the tax offices, but also pay attention to surcharges, the exciting FIOD and the wonderful world behind the customs. From the core department they will zoom in on the different deposit guarantee schemes that fall under the income and expenditure side, as well as the versatility in teams they strive for. Who knows, you might just be the newest addition to their team. This can be the kickstart of your career at the government. It will be an intensive day with an exclusive look behind the scenes with a visit to the Dealing Room of the Agency.

We start at the Ministry of Finance and go to the Tax Office in The Hague after lunch is served.

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Bachelor Excursion

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Bachelor Excursion 2018

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