As chairman, you tend to work on abstract matters. Your results are usually less tangible than those of e.g. the treasurer or external affairs officer. However, the impact you can make on the association is large and thrilling.
Basically, the function of chairman entails three primary responsibilities.
First of all, you are responsible for the functioning of the board. You ensure that the board works happily and efficiently towards its targets. That means that you are responsible for the policy and its implementation, and you make sure that all tasks are completed in time. You are also the representative towards other associations, the University and the press.
Second, you are responsible for the general development of Asset | Economics and its long term policy. That means that you have to think of the consequences of the actions of your board in the long run. The Board of Advice consists of former board members and is there to assist you when necessary. Their input is valuable and they have often experienced similar developments in their board year. Being able to discuss your ideas with strong and diverse individuals is a great aspect of being board member.
Third, which is a major part of your function, you are part of the General Board of Asset as the overarching faculty association. You will represent Asset | Economics at the board meetings of Asset and you cooperate with the other Asset chairmen in the general development of Asset. You will get to choose your own portfolio and 50% of your time is dedicated to this function. This year, I am the Acquisition Coordinator which means I am responsible for the coordination of the external affairs officers of all 7 departments, the coordination of all faculty wide career events and strengthening the cooperation with Asset and the university.
A chairman should have the skill to motivate the rest of the board, to communicate with external parties such as the University, to apply certain political skills (especially when working together with other departments), to concretize abstract cases and to keep a thorough overview of various situations. It’s a time-consuming function but great efforts may lead to great results.

Are you interested and want to know more? For more information you can check the formal vacancy. Here you can also find information on how to apply. Some more questions? Ask me what you want to know in the rooms of Asset | Economics or via