Economics Battle

In the afternoon of March 14, Asset | Economics organizes the Economics Battle. This year’s theme is sustainability: Think Green! During this event, teams of three students battle against each other for the title ‘Best Economist of Tilburg University’. There are different rounds of academic questions provided by professors of Tilburg University. There is also a case provided by the Young Advisory Group.  At the end of the day, there is an announcement of the winners during the informal drink in Esplanade. There are some amazing prices to be won sponzored by, Block013, Cafe Bolle and Schrobbeler. 

Registration deadline: March 8th

The program of the afternoon is as follows:


13.00 Introduction

Round 1 Academic Questions

14.15 Case By the Young Advisory Group
15.15 Break
15.30 Case Presentations
16.00 Round 2 Academic Questions
17.00 Drink at Esplanade and announcement of the winners

Economics Battle 2018

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