Talent Day

On November 30 2016, Asset | Economics organized the first edition of the Talent Day. The event is aimed at master students to use their talents and get in contact with several companies. The attending companies presented themselves and gave workshops to challenge the students. Afterwards an informal drink and speed dates took place. 

The participating companies for this first edition were ABN AMRO, Calco, Ormit, De Kleine Consultant and the Young Advisory Group. The workshops given by them stimulate students to solve a case in a group effort with limited time. Cases are an important feature in job interviews and highly relevant in your later career. These workshops are aimed to expose and further develop practical talents in solving cases.

The next edition of the Talent Day will be on February 7, 2018. More information about this edition will follow. At the moment of writing the following companies were comfirmed: Calco, Ormit and Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.