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External Affairs Officer

As the External Affairs Officer, you are responsible for all company contacts, company databases and the sponsor packages of the association and committees within the association. You will have personal contact on a monthly basis with the biggest companies, like CZ, BDO or NIBC. Besides this, you will also have contact with SMEs, for example, Adlasz. As an External Affairs Officer you will have three main tasks:

Your first task is cold acquisition, which means you are responsible for contacting new companies which could be interesting for the members and the career events of the association. This is probably the hardest task since it is a cold contact, which basically means you have no history or common ground when initiating contact. An advantage is that you can get in touch with companies who are interesting according to you, so you can have a personal footprint in the career development sector of Asset Economics. In practice, you will also help the Acquisition Committee with their company contacts. For example, you will advise them on how to approach a company and how to convince companies to work together with us.

Your second task starts when such a company becomes a partner, because you are not done after the contract is signed. It is your responsibility to make sure the partner is satisfied, and that you keep the contact warm. This mostly includes making contracts, adapting the information on the website (together with the secretary) and regularly maintaining contact to stay in touch with recruiters, this includes calling these partners and checking their websites. Moreover, you will visit (potential) partners in the summer with me. 

Your third task is not directly related to company contact. All the External Affairs Officers of Asset meet regularly in the Acquisition Meeting. They discuss faculty-wide career events such as Lunch Lectures. As External Affairs Officers, you are jointly responsible for the organization of these events. Furthermore, you are responsible for protecting the interests of Asset | Economics in the Acquisition Meeting, as well as acquiring and sharing tips to improve your events, partner meetings, and all other External Affairs Officer tasks.

Next to your role-specific tasks, you will also coordinate various committees and work on other projects of the board. This results in a diverse task portfolio. You will have a lot of contact with recruiters, which is really interesting, and you can learn a lot about how to become more professional in your communication and how to convince people in the right way. Next to that, you learn how to provide the perfect service for a company within our possibilities.

All in all, being an External Affairs Officer is a challenging and exciting role. You carry responsibility for a big part of the income of Asset | Economics. Sometimes you should be polite, however, at the same time you should not be afraid to ask direct and uncomfortable questions.

Are you interested in becoming the next External Affairs Officer and would you like to have more information? Feel free to ask me in person or contact me via e-mail: or WhatsApp: +31629901304.