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The most important responsibility of a Vice-Chairman is contact with members; active, passive, potential, new and old members. Staying in touch with our members ranges from lecture talks to individual conversations.

Furthermore, you will be responsible for the promotion of Asset | Economics. This concerns, for instance, lecture talks at the beginning of the semester to inform students about all the services our association provides. It is important that students are aware of all that Asset | Economics has to offer, which ranges from guidelines, to parties, to career events. As Vice-Chairman it is essential to create this awareness. Promotion is done via different channels. Social media, like Instagram  has become the most important way of promotion, but you should not forget LinkedIn.

Besides this, designing is also an important part of your function. Design is used for all sorts of things. Think of flyers, a Facebook banner for a Facebook event, a monthly activities calendar etc. Promotion combined with design make up a large part of the face of our association. Therefore you are responsible for maintaining a proper image.

Of course, special interest goes out to the active members of the association, as they make the association lively and organize most of the events. A specific task of the vice-chairman of Asset | Economics is to place active members in the right committees. When someone wants to do a committee, you will plan a meeting with that person and inform him about the available committees and what it is like to be an active member. Students become active for different reasons. You will internalize their needs and provide the students with a committee that suits them best. In order to be able to serve all members of the association efficiently, the vice-chairman will put effort in obtaining feedback from members. This will help to improve communication, events, social activities and committee work.

Asset | Economics is one of the seven departments which Asset counts. Together with all Vice-Chairmen of the departments of Asset you will be part of the Public relations Meeting (PM). This means that you are in charge of the promotion of Asset as a whole. PM organizes all activities of Asset during the TOP Week. This requires a lot of preparation. As of February, you will be busy with this huge event. Furthermore, as Vice-Chairman of the board you must be present during the TOP Week. Asset will be present during the Bachelor and Master Information Sessions organized by MAK or the University to promote our association. Filling Faculty Wide Committees also belongs to the tasks of PM. Within PM, each Vice-Chairman will be placed in one of the taskforces. Examples of these various taskforces are being the coordinator of the Asset Events Committee, keeping track of the budget and keeping in touch with the board of TOP.

Besides these specific Vice-Chairman tasks, there are challenges that are not necessarily assigned to a certain board member function. The coordination of committees is something every board member does. Next to the coordination of committees, there are a lot of projects that you can take on within Economics, and also Asset General. As vice-chairman, you will spend a lot of time with (potential) active members, which makes your job fun and socially oriented. Your written and oral skills will therefore improve significantly during the year. 

If you have want to know more about the function of Vice-Chairman, send a text to 06-82628832!