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Within Asset | Economics we have various committees. One of these committees is the blog committee. This commitee writes once a month a blog about a economics related topic. This committee concludes Jacopo Priori, Jesse Steenbergen & Julia Willems. Do you want to join our committee or write a blog for this page, feel free te contact us!

read the blogs below: 

The Student Loan Dilemma: Career and personal life consequences

A collection of points of view about student loans that goes beyond financial implications, to be better informed about their impacts on students’ lives at an individual and a collective level



Jacopo Priori


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On the verge of a new banking crisis?

Why Credit Suisse and Silicon Valley Bank are not the new Lehman Brothers


Joost Haddinga

NOT the End of the World

Erdogan's Turkey: A Nation at a Political and Economic Crossroads

Does history repeat itself?

On whether China could be the next Soviet Union

The seeming dichotomy between labor and leisure

Is there really a choice between income and leisure?

Machine Learning in Economics: do or don’t?

The intersection of Machine Learning with econometrics has become an important research landscape in economics.

Good and bad taxes

Is there anything like the perfect tax?

The basic grant: why did it disappear in the first place?

The Doom and Gloom of Consulting

Debunking the myths of a prominent profession

The Economics of Everything IV: The Unknown, the Known and the Unexpected

What can we know and where are we actually heading to?

Trussonomics: the biggest U-turn in British economic history