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Asset | Economics Lustrum III

2019 - 2024


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Welcome, to the official website of the third lustrum of Asset | Economics:

Lux et Libertas


A reference to the free minds that shine light on economic phenomena in times of high and low conjecture and thereby advance society. After all, everything revolves around money and thus the economy! 


A reference to the freedom within our association. Freedom to be who you are, to shape your student life, and to think differently. We also see this in our members. Outsiders call us rebellious, we call ourselves free minded and outlaws.

Lustrum III will take place from 29 April until 5 May, 2024. Join us during a week full of all kinds of free minded activities!

Program Lustrum III

Lustrum III Openings Reception

A Lustrum requires a toast and special opening to this week's celebrations and activities, which will be done during the Lustrum III Openings Reception. During this evening we will officially open the Lustrum III week and raise a glass on 15 years of Asset | Economics! 

This evening will take place at Anvers.

Monday 29 April 

Lustrum III Mystery Activity

What we are going to do is still a secret, but that it will be fun isn’t! Join us on the Lustrum III Mystery Activity. We will have a day away with all kinds of activities. Lets fly away to somewhere in the Netherlands or maybe even outside these borders and let the light of Asset | Economics shine bright! 

*This activity is only for Passe Partout

Tuesday 30 April 

Lustrum III Sports Activity

To remain fresh and sporty throughout the week, we will also have our own sports tournament! This way we, as Asset | Economics, decide the rules, and no one will be jealous of our passion and fanaticism.

Wednesday 1 May 

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Lustrum III Open Party

Let's also enjoy Lustrum III with all other people! We will shine our light and enlighten others. Invite your roommates, friends and others to enjoy and toast together.

Wednesday 1 May

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Lustrum III Cantus

Let's enjoy what we do best, drinking and singing! This time we can really be free! Toast on a fantastic evening full of singing and drinking. 

Eins, Zwei, Drei, Zaufen…..

*This activity is only for Passe Partout and Alumni Passe Partout

Thursday 2 May 

Passe Partout

Alumni Passe Partout


Lustrum III Hangover Lunch

A moment to fuel the engine, so that the light stays on! Come by and grab some lunch and have a moment to reflect on your actions from the night before. 


*This activity is only for Passe Partout and Alumni Passe Partout

Friday 3 May 

Passe Partout

 Alumni Passe Partout

Lustrum III Gala

For the last time the light will turn on and the birds will fly away, as we end our amazing Lustrum III week with the Gala! A night with food, a lot of drinks and fun; in short, a night to remember.

Saterday 4 May & Sunday 5 May 

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Economics Socks

in progress until 09 April